Bridge Testnet Feedback and Suggestion

gm. happy to be here. Previously I had read some feedback and maybe my review is similar to theirs. first the process run smoothly without encountering failure, the amount that I wanted to bridge + the fee was appropriate. from stack to evm or vice versa shows good results.
unfortunately the processing time is very long, what I experienced was running more than 45 minutes.
maybe later users will choose another alternative to shorten the time if the team doesn’t shorten it to be faster. The website also has a heavy appearance which is far from user friendly terms. having an attractive appearance but difficult to access it will give a negative impression. I hope the team can lighten it up. finally I found a fetch error when the page is reloaded as shown in the following image


Stacks Mainnet address: {SP2ZR5CW2VQCWC36P21RWFND53PDDY4XKQZXZHK0X}

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