Bug after morning break in Alex Order Book operation

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In the morning I reported an error that the Alex Order Book website was down.
Now the site is live, but I don’t have any funds for Hiro wallet on testnet.
Additionally, there are two new accounts in the testnet wallet and new one account in mainnet.

Moreover, I do not have any funds on the deposit at ALEX Lab
And the balance as of August 21, at 21:50 should be:
xBTC 1.06817
ALEX 30,439.0665
STX 14,216,504 available / 50.826 locked
3,380.3209 xUSD available / 1,282.0001 locked
Total ballance: $ 34,395.22

There is also no trade history, and until yesterday there were 118 transactions.
It does not look like we are starting with new blocks as we used to do after the maintenance work. But I have noticed that a lot of blocks have arrived. Currently, according to OrderBook, we are at the height of 10064 block, and a few moments ago it was slightly over 7100 (I did not note down exactly).

Browser: Google Chrome ver 104.0.5112.102


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I received new funds on Hiro Wallet, on the testnet :+1:
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

So I make a deposit to the Trading account and start trading again and I do more tests :face_with_monocle:

I think this is intentional. I have not spotted any bug

No bugs? :hushed: You are Lucky :+1:
I entered four today :writing_hand:

The test server will occasionally reset to optimize new features.

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