I am trading in Alex Lab. for the transaction everything went well, just a little long to make the transaction a success. I found several bugs including:

  1. in picture 1, after I received an email from Alex lab at night that I could participate in the testnet as a new user. I immediately opened the Alex lab website, but I couldn’t do anything there because the first one was :
    • the trading chart didn’t appear on the website
    • the buy and sell features a glitch
    • My balance didn’t come in after I made a deposit and waited according to orders for 5-10 minutes

  2. in picture 2, because I can’t do anything in the Alex lab testnet as a new user I will continue tomorrow or today. I also found a bug that didn’t deliver much:
    • in picture 2, now the balance that I deposited has been received, there is only a difference in the bug that I received as in the trading feature it is clear that I have 11,000,0002xUSD to trade. however, it is stated that my trading account has 11,999,0002xUSD. I don’t know if it was my mistake when I made a deposit or if it was really a bug that I found.

  3. when I trade short on the pair STX/xUSD:
    • in picture 3, I used 1,000 STX and the price was supposed to be 0.506, but somehow I got the price at 0.503. I tried to open an order again with the same price of 1,000 STX and price of 0.506, and the price is correct with the trading conditions

for feedback:
I think the Alex Lab project has done its best and only a few bugs can be found by users as a bonus for their hard work. for those that need to be fixed a little more bugs and also deposit transactions can be accelerated, waiting for 5-15 minutes, I think it’s a long time, maybe this is a drawback. but overall it’s good.
maybe that’s all the feedback and bugs that I can convey, hopefully it can help Alex lab Project as an improvement in the future. thanks for the testnet. I like this

Stacks address mainet : SP3GGE4EZ34K04JSY9F46J5BBW2WDBHKDM79SYBY7
Stacks address Testnet : ST3GGE4EZ34K04JSY9F46J5BBW2WDBHKDM40MQBQQ
discord: delixid#5048

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into the details.