Bug Report and Feedback Alex Testnet

All working fine and perfect, not find any fatal/critical bugs or problem at all.
And here is my recap of bug/feedback

  • When approving and confirming its feel so slow and takes long times, need to fix this issue.
  • Wallet Connections its not fast, need to improve.
  • Balance not refreshing is distracting, need to sync between wallet and the platform
  • Sometimes when buy and sell its alway ended failed, need to refresh the web.

UI Feedback and Suggestions

  • The UI is very enjoyable, simple and clean. I think can change position layout and save it, would be great addition.

Discord :
Stacks Address :

Deposit transaction need to be confirmed on stacks blockchain, it usually takes about 10 min to proceed
The Account Balance is not the balance in your wallet, we will add a tool tip for this thanks for your feedback