Bug Report, don't match balance in Alex lab

Stacks address mainet : SP3GGE4EZ34K04JSY9F46J5BBW2WDBHKDM79SYBY7
Stacks address Testnet : ST3GGE4EZ34K04JSY9F46J5BBW2WDBHKDM40MQBQQ

I am trading in Alex Lab. for the transaction everything went well, just a little long to make the transaction a success. I found several bugs including:

  1. in picture 1, after I received an email from Alex lab at night that I could participate in the testnet as a new user. I immediately opened the Alex lab website, but I couldn’t do anything there because the first one was :
    • the trading chart didn’t appear on the website
    • the buy and sell features a glitch
    • My balance didn’t come in after I made a deposit and waited according to orders for 5-10 minutes
  2. in picture 2, because I can’t do anything in the Alex lab testnet as a new user I will continue tomorrow or today. I also found a bug that didn’t deliver much:
    • in picture 2, now the balance that I deposited has been received, there is only a difference in the bug that I received as in the trading feature it is clear that I have 11,000,0002xUSD to trade. however, it is stated that my trading account has 11,999,0002xUSD. I don’t know if it was my mistake when I made a deposit or if it was really a bug that I found.
  3. when I trade short on the pair STX/xUSD:
    • in picture 3, I used 1,000 STX and the price was supposed to be 0.506, but somehow I got the price at 0.503. I tried to open an order again with the same price of 1,000 STX and price of 0.506, and the price is correct with the trading conditions

for feedback:
I think the Alex Lab project has done its best and only a few bugs can be found by users as a bonus for their hard work. for those that need to be fixed a little more bugs and also deposit transactions can be accelerated, waiting for 5-15 minutes, I think it’s a long time, maybe this is a drawback. but overall it’s good.
maybe that’s all the feedback and bugs that I can convey, hopefully it can help Alex lab Project as an improvement in the future. thanks for the testnet. I like this

discord: delixid#5048 or discord id : 956348583894978570
telegram: @dexi10 or telegram id : 5245267200

Deposit transactions need to be confirmed on stacks blockchain, it usually takes about 10 min to proceed

The orders are matched instantly with the match engine.

Thanks for your feedback.