Bug report+feedback

Hello I am reporting my issue for AXEL Lab testnet.

Here I am using Chrome on Windows and Hiro wallet extension,

Okay, first i set buy order below price and sure will be on orderbooks, then i set buy order at orderbooks sell it must be a filled order, but my order still not filled even i set on higher price …

The interface is easy to use and the operating mechanism is easy to understand

suggestions : maybe add market order

discord : donquixote19#1261


the features are very good and simple, the UI is smooth, I like the home trading and swap interface which is quite attractive but there are some features that need to be improved: 1. Buy limit orders take a long time to execute 2. it looks a bit strange the distance between the candles is very far device: android mode: kiwi browser tesnet : ST20V4E0XM4R531KNKRQG6WGW19DPZ432MTMHVVPC
mainnet : SP20V4E0XM4R531KNKRQG6WGW19DPZ432MRAT8WD9

The website is very slow and almost delay …take some time before transaction can be approved. Some the transaction will not be approved and it will be reversed… thanks so much I enjoyed it.
address testnet : ST2ABP2J18J8Q0KHMJMFFHSS002G40MP5V80X23PE mainnet : SP2ABP2J18J8Q0KHMJMFFHSS002G40MP5VAK1T95Q

After deposit complete balance not displayed, need to refresh website manualy


  1. I notice that order takes long to get filled and when I try to cancel, it didn’t cancel.
  2. I notice that there is no light mode.
  3. the candle is not well structured

Stacks address: SP2KRB71XA62DXBEWRB75ZWNFRRW318ZP7G82EJE5

I really like the look of Alex Lab’s web site, but I found something that I think needs to be fixed, namely, when making a trade, the balance is not updated on time, and I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible.
Thank you
My stacks address : ST65V5PXD64YAART2DA3K2ZZYCBR99Q3529JRVSF
My discord : yulione1993#2102

Bug report

Found a little bug at first when I wanted to trade on ALEX/xUSD…

I tried trading on limit price of 0.089 but LIMIT ORDER FAILED

So I trading on the normal price…which went easy and fast


Swapping Is perfect

Deposit work’s well

Withdrawal is also perfect

The transactions are fast and easy to perform…the app performance is very great… transactions completes Immediately after the signing and confirmation has/have been approved…


Testnet /alextest address : ST3AZ8CGJRW1DDTY5KWDDQGV74HXPGPK2PPYC862

Thanks for the opportunity

I appreciate and I love the testing…

For transactions it is a bit long, but that’s reasonable because it’s still in the development stage.
Hopefully in the future it will be much better.