Bug Report Orderbook sell, trade history

I sold my btc yesterday, there is xusd in my total balance, but when i want to deposit or wd it doesn’t read, but on the matched order it says 0 executed, but i can’t cancel because the cancel feature is not turned on,even if it’s not sold it should be cancelled, and my btc doesn’t know where it went, but my total balance has increased and the swipe feature to view trade history doesn’t work properly ,please check this this is my addres alextest ST163KFPFXJ08BCJW8FFJDE1YV6V8J7KA8VAZVFFC and this is my address mainet SP163KFPFXJ08BCJW8FFJDE1YV6V8J7KA8RSCZ7R2 I added some screenshots. Please check

Can you provide more screenshots based on the issue you reported?

I want to take a screenshot of my history about the bug I reported but my history is missing

and my xusd reset to 10000 again