Bug Reports and Feedback

Problem :

  • I did a buy/order but the website must be refreshed so the balance is updated
    I hope this is fixed, because many people will be confused later, if they don’t see their balance update

  • the display on the graphic I think is very disturbing, you can also see that there is an inscription “block 349” in the lower left corner, if we scroll the screen it will follow, I think it is very disturbing because the numbers are similar to the numbers in the order book, you can see my screenshot

  • when I made a withdrawal, when the transaction went wrong, I don’t know what caused it, I’ve done everything possible

UI :
-For the appearance of the website, I think it’s good, the appearance is quite attractive and the website design is very elegant, I hope that in the future when we open the orderbook section, there is a tutorial for beginners on the orderbook page, so that new users don’t have to feel dizzy to find the tutorial.

Future suggestions :

  • Adding several languages to the website for user convenience, such as: Indonesian, Chinese, Russian and others
  • There are features: Point for fee discount, Stake, Borrow/Repay, Launchpad, NFT Trading, Bridge for user convenience in conducting transactions between blockchains

that’s all I think, sorry if I said something wrong, I’m just expressing my opinion, thank you for the team, success always
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The balance would be refreshed when the trade is settled. You can check the Trade History for trade details. If the status is still settling, you need to wait until the settling is complete.
We will take off the block number you mentioned as you suggested.
withdrawal transaction failure might be caused by testnet unstable, this shouldn’t happen on the mainnet.

The suggested features: “points for fee discount”, “bridge” etc. we will take into consideration
Thanks for you feedback