Bug something went wrong The balance is deducted but the transaction failed

Good afternoon
I bridge continuously from morning until now,
But from several bridges, only 1 was successful and my sUSDT balance was reduced, please fix the bug, something went wrong

Stack address {ST1Z580DV29XXP8XGSQV3TQ55N5WP60X65ZCWZ5ZN}

Stack address mainnet {SP1Z580DV29XXP8XGSQV3TQ55N5WP60X65WPSZ47C}

Etherium sepolia address tesnet { 0x2d1c9f0d63855d3f5035b1ea4fe28b8137412aae}

Discord {dede12#2747}


maybe the testnet is going offline, i have the simillar problem too


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Yes, some of my friends also experienced the same thing