Bug & suggestion


Quite easy to use, after I explore there are several obstacles:

1.When I run the bridge and the reverse takes quite a long time
2.Maybe by increasing the speed by increasing the fee it doesn’t change anything even I increase it with max speed
3.For order history it takes quite a long time to prove that the bridge has entered or not entered, while the balance has been deducted
4.And I did a trial doubling of Trankwitness, with the intention that my time is not wasted so much, it is quite helpful even though Trankwitness is quite time consuming
5.Sometimes unwarp Trankwitness works and the balance has been deducted but the destination balance is not confirmed.

The conclusion of this is that it happened in the network delay, and to do aprrove in the wallet is very fast and amazing for me, for the design is very good and I am quite satisfied in my eyes

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