Bug with making a deposit - update 23.08 (retest)

Stacks address:

About two hours ago I entered a deposit order from Hiro wallet to Trading account on Alex Order Book.
Unfortunately, the funds have not yet arrived there and I cannot do order testing.
The funds are still on Hiro wallet (screenshoot).
On explorer.stacks.co, these token transfers are not showing up (sreenshot)
It was one deposit for four tokens at the same time, in one order

Google Chrome: 104.0.5112.82 version


Link to explorer.testnet:

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Yesterday’s deposit was not finally made.
Today I repeated the deposit order, 4 assets in one order and after ~ 15 minutes the funds have already been transferred to the Trading account on Orderbook :+1:

The testnet environment we created is on our own server, this may be caused by various reasons, one possible reason is the unstable environment of the server provider we used.
This should not happen on the mainnet.

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Great, thanks for the info. :slightly_smiling_face: