Bugs and Suggestion AlexLab Bridge Testnet

Stacks address:{ST2T9DAGP929AA2KSHFF89PVAW9F6ZPJ84S2EJR95} testnet

Stacks address :{SP2T9DAGP929AA2KSHFF89PVAW9F6ZPJ84RTXSNJ3} mainnet

Metamask address : {0x96e1877e833a3297326178625028eab7FD57ff71}

{Hello i wanna share my feedback here,i already did bridged Stacks to Sepolia adn Sepolia to Stacks- for UI look cool and futuristic, also good and smooth , i know bridge is take times cause in stacks and bitcoin chain, but safe its good no problem , suggest add some many choice token to bridge , like stx,btc,usdc etc.-sometimes glitch error but transaction is done work nice and suggest please fix UI on menu on top like SWAP BRIDGE POOL menu , Tottaly bullish on AlexLab}



Browser : {Brave Version 1.50.114 Chromium 112.0.5615.49}

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