Bugs & Feedback For UI

-problem in open orders, previously I have opened a sell position (pict1&2) then I went to the swap menu and then returned to the trade menu, my sell position did not appear in the open order (pict3). I think it’s a UI bugs.
-when I want to deposit amount 5555 ALEX it always fails pop up like that (pict4) then I replace it with an amount of 1000 ALEX then it works.

Feedback :
-I think we should improve the UI/UX in term of the smooth transaction, cuz sometimes I finish the transaction but the UI hasn’t updated. So I think we should need an update for UI/UX
-website is too laggy/slow, many pending transaction and the ui/ux isn’t responsive, sometimes i got bug like can’t click button or my balance is not showing ,i think it because high traffic so make sure on the mainet this project can use the best hosting provider!
-add more theme, i suggest you to add dark mode & light mode because people’s preferences are different
Congratulation TEAM

Discord : $JAPP soon#7246

Heej Jappp, thanks for sharing your feedback on our forum too!

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The open orders disappeared may be caused by the order already filled?
Deposit issue we will look into the details.

no one has filled sir