Deposit Pop-up closing when using page scrollbar

Stacks address:{SP1FHVF49BGKR0GM1YFV5TMZ962454N9RYBDNPEGC}.

Descriptions: In Deposit, when user uses ‘Add a Token’ 3 times, the pop-up becomes big. This time if user tries to use the vertical Scroll bar of the page to use ‘Deposit’ function, the pop-up is auto closing. The moment user clicks the scrollbar of the page, the Pop-up is getting closed resulting in poor usability. User has to then go through the entire process again.
Either Provide a scrollbar within the pop-up or don’t let the pop-up close when user clicks the Pop-up.

Screenshot: Recording: bandicam 2022-10-07 20-25-53-715.mp4 - Google Drive
Discord ID: DayalKS2#5405
Telegram ID: @DayalKS2

Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.