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wanted to post two screen shots but couldn’t cos am a new user

Hello,have tested the site vigorously and have seen some bugs when it comes to balance updates and all,most is based on the fact that after swaps from xUSD to USDC ,it’ll show complete and I’d check the transaction but won’t see it in my metamask wallet,and sometimes will take hours to reflect,overall it’s a nice place with good interface for users
From the two screen shots above,one takes time even for the swap to happen and after it even wrote transaction succeeded it’ll still take hours for the balance to reflect on the Eth chain

{Suggestion:if it hasn’t been done before I’d like to make a suggestion and that’s if there’ll be a contract address for funds ,like can we have a contract address to add the usdc on Eth goerli after we’ve swapped it on alextext,can we have the contract address for usdc or is it the same goerli contract address for usdc available?}

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Oh that’s in-depth,have similar issues with mine too