Error'/Bug Connect wallet

Descriptions:there is a bug/error Connect wallet problem, I have set it to alextelest network, while I also agree to the alextelest address, but how come it connects to this address SP32XKE730HGAG49PQQNPFHN2ASTWQW9BR5T6BDFK this is the mainnet stack node address, this is my alextelest wallet please check ST32XKE730HGAG49PQQNPFHN2ASTWQW9BR5MGV5RZ I’ve refreshed the page, deleted the cookies and it’s still the same.

Discord ID:sutoyo#3440
Telegram ID:@Sutoyo1

pls try clean the cache, this is due to the cache problem of you switching between testnet and mainnet.

before clearing cache

after clearing cache

stays the same after clearing cache