Errors and suggestions


Error and suggestions

  1. Following my complains in my previous submission, the withdrawal tab is now visible, seems it only appeared after I made the deposit

Suggestion: let it be there but will only work after a successful deposit instead of only appearing after the deposit is made.

  1. Also I placed an order, 2 actually, but when I checked my order, it showed zero but my trade history showed I made 2 successful orders.

Suggestion: let it reflect almost immediately so that users can easily keep track of their orders.

  1. I tried the withdrawal tab since it was made available but I couldn’t see the order so I could keep track, so I can’t tell if the withdrawal was successful or not, I’ll have to wait till my balance reduces to confirm.

Please look into these so that they project can run without error at launch.

Discord; Enoch Prince#2938
Telegram; Prince_Enoch

мне не нравится, что каждое действие приводит к открытию новых вкладок, мне кажется, что на одной вкладке работать удобнее

The order will no longer be open once it is matched, pls check it in your trade history.
The withdraw function is LIVE now in the version 1.1

Ok,thanks i will do well to do so