‘Export’ button to Trade History in the Orderbook - badly needed

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I would like to return to this suggestion.

Today I entered 180 orders as part of a test run.
Doing dozens of transactions a day, the ability to export data to a .csv file is essential :+1:
In the screenshots, such a large amount of data simply does not fit.
And more importantly, it is not possible to add it up :man_shrugging:

This option would also be very helpful if the executed transaction was split into parts. And this is sometimes happened.
These could be easily and quickly summarised in the file :white_check_mark:

It would be ideal if the .csv file contained data from all tabs, i.e.: ‘Open Orders’, ‘Matched Orders’, ‘Trade History’ and ‘Funds’.

Therefore I would like to request that such an option be added :pray:
Thanks :slight_smile:



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Thanks for the feedback. We will take it into consideration.

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I beg for it :pray:, and I ask for it :palms_up_together: :slightly_smiling_face: