Failed transactions t

I keep having failed transactions, screenshot attached.

Testnet Address

Mainnet Address

Uploading: Screenshot_2022-09-29-22-56-16-48_4d38fce200f96aeac5e860e739312e76.jpg…
Uploading: Screenshot_2022-09-29-22-53-27-65_4d38fce200f96aeac5e860e739312e76.jpg…

You should wait until the screenshot uploads fully and then post.

This way, the picture will come through.

Here we go!

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This error commonly is reported when there is a disconnect between the dapp and the alex testnet. Perhaps you logged into the dapp using the public testnet. Please check the details once more on the orderbook page top right cornor to set the testnet to alex (again).

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Oh many thanks, it worked now

Gosh been on this for ages


Thanks for the feedback, Werner made a great suggestion.

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