False To Value and Fees shown for Unwraps initially

In Unwrapping, initially when I enter the amount of sUSDT, it shows a almost equivalent USDT as ‘To’ value (Screenshot 1 shows 2.985 USDT as bridgable for 3 USDT). At this time, the hover on ‘Fees’ says ‘There are no minimum unwrapping fees’ (Screenshot 2) where the fees shown is like 0.15 sUSDT or so. Suddenly, it changes to USDT amount as 1 (from 2.985) and the Fees hover says Minimum Fees as 2 sUSDT, and Fees displayed changes to 2sUSDT.
The interim version of Fees hover and value shown initially is very confusing . If the Fees are getting calculated at this time, its better to show a loading icon rather than showing a false ‘To’ value and False hover text for ‘Fees’
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