Feedback about Alex bridge feature

1. Bridge duration
Block validation for bridge process is quite long, I think it’s better if the block time is shortened more for better user experience.

2. Maximum floating point
then, I hope you can increase the usdt floating point limit even more than the initial 4, I feel less freedom when doing max transactions.

3. USDT amount limit

Then thirdly, set a reasonable limit for entering the SUSDT or USDT value of sepolia, this is very impossible on the mainnet if people enter as much as 10^128 usdt, this I find very strange and when I do, the UI swaps between stacks chains to sepolia or sepolia to stacks chain collapse.

That’s the feedback I gave, I hope it’s useful.

Stacks address:{ST50RH2NW18V22C8E8SF3PQVTZBHP785QA5BPTBC}