Feedback about STX Bridge

The Alexlab STX bridge works well on my side. There is no such error notification when I’m doing a transaction like unwrap or wrap.

I like the color combination that you used because it makes a nice contrast. The thunder effect that you give on the swap button to change the network from stx to Goerli is also a great idea.

I would like you to give a tutorial about how to use the bridge in “how does the bridge work”

Although the bridge function works well, there is a little problem that distracts me from this bridge app:

  1. The currency shown is that we use XUSD to do a transaction, but the currency that decreases in the wallet is WUS. You could give some clarity about this.

  2. There is some delay in the recording of transaction/order history. It means the new order wasn’t recorded as soon as the user made any wrap/unwrap. Sometimes the new transaction did not recorded in order history too.

  3. You could make some changes to the input amount column. The change that I mean is that you could make the balance become zero (or zero) when the user changes its chain. It can reduce the probability of errors being made by some users.

That’s all from my view. Thanks for the amazing AlexLab bridge :slight_smile:



Thanks for this question.
It is for the STX Bridge testnet that this additional token - WUS - appeared in Hiro Wallet.
The previous one was used (and can still be used) on the Alex Orderbook testnet.
But the idea was/is to make the same token, i.e. xUSD, visible from the user side in both applications.
On the mainnet there will no longer be this difference. There will be only xUSD.



Ohh i see, so it is just on testnet purpose.

Thank you sir for the clarity, it is so fun to interact with the app.

Have a good day.

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Yes, that’s right.
And thank you for joining us. You’re welcome.
And feel free to continue testing and sharing your suggestions here (in new submissions), please.
Thank you.