Feedback addresbook UI and Feature testnet

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Descriptions: feedback addresbook UI and Feature testnet

UI design is elegant with blue color like design of alexgo,and im love it. im tried using feature swap and adddressbook, im dont find any issue maybe some bug already solved by team,in orderbook every transaction is completed without any issue

im havn’t problem with UI and website, i wish dev will improve speed of transaction on STX will be awesome, and last my suggestion about upcoming feature should be on alexgo is NFT Feature, very happy if NFT and crypto is balancing , always thank you for Team and Dev for making awesome event on alexgo
im joining with alexgo since october 2021,first time im try following first testnet on alexgo,this some my feedback even im not smart yet but im try, forgive me if my feedback is bad. sorry litle late to join testnet,

Discord ID: fatalbar🐬#1222
Telegram ID: fatalbar

Thanks for the feedback, we will take consideration.