Feedback after testing Alexlab Testnet

When connecting to the Hiro and metamask wallet it was really fast
Bridging was fast but finalising takes time to complete. I have to wait for a very long time for it to complete
Swaps, staking and farming also works fine.
I tried all the features like swap, staking, bridge, pool, farm and I did not encounter any errors other than the slow transaction times.(10-30minutes)

When I try to check the orderbook section, it crashes and shows errors

Testnet stack adress :

Metamask address:0x4EC26258C9aC012d3F2Becee83e0Ebd81D799d79

Discord- Judith#6945

I use the x-verse wallet. The wallet’s transaction confirmation speed is very fast, but the transaction processing speed is slower. Likewise, the rate of deduction from the balance is slow. I think this should be fixed.
Testnet stack adress: STMWZSWFACRBN750FV3331W0FMZ2D6ARY386DV17
metamask adress: 0x4C276df370b6E36212930299368FEb235fbf9ab8
Discord: neon55638#1548