Feedback ALEX Bridge Beta

Stacks Testnet Address:
ETH Test Address:

Description : { sUSDT unwrap took about 2 hours … all done - USDT accepted. Will remember to allow more time to complete busy testnet transactions. to wrap USDT to sUSDT it’s quite fast, it only takes 20 minutes, and everything is normal, the web view is very friendly, thanks you all }

Discord ID : andyka #5692
Telegram : @akapro666
Browser : Mises Browser Android 13

Stacks Mainnet Address : {SP2KZQMZ4DFYEAH2R1YM105Y2WKKMZN61KKT9K3SH}

because the testnet and mainnet address are different, so I include 2 address, thank you good luck to the team

I took the initiative to try other features on the web such as the swap feature, add pool, stake, and farm, everything normally runs well, the speed is pretty good because of high web traffic, except for the order feature (testnet) because of an error from the program code on the web, so I can’t try this feature, hope the team can fix it soon, thank you team