Feedback ALEX Labe Testnet

My feedback on the ALEX Lab testnet

  1. UI is good and attractive
  2. The chart on the orderbook is good, very helpful
  3. The swap feature can work but you have to wait for long pending transactions
  4. Deposits in the Order book have not been entered yet due to pending transactions

Wallet during testing: ST2JKSJ85NV625E79D9ECJCRZTZH8C8TBSNFJ964J

STX addresses:

My feedback on the ALEX Lab testnet
very convenient and simple interface, but I was infuriated that I could not immediately buy a crypt
it would be more convenient if we added the main indicators like RSI

Wallet during testing: STANFRTV79XCF2YW41YPPYNH9CQXP45YQZM7C4W6
STX addresses:

I had this particular page loaded for about 10 seconds. I already decided that this was a bug and wanted to leave the page, but the page loaded. There is also a low-quality animation on this page, it should be improved

The link to the discord is invalid, it should be changed to a working one.

By clicking on the balance, it is intuitively unclear how to get a line with the balance of all coins. For understanding, I had to press it several times.

I checked all the functions, buttons and links on the site. I have nothing more to add.

Wallet testnet: STEM5FKWQ1K1VYHV379A16JP2H73W50XSCJW1XPJ
STX address mainnet: SPEM5FKWQ1K1VYHV379A16JP2H73W50XSCXXBVVY

Thanks for the feedback, we will take it into consideration.