Feedback Alex Labs Bridge Testnet

Stacks address: { ST2AR7DHD8027E7TNVR6GZGY5K8TQ3NAJG692EGXX }
ETH sepolia address : { 0xE93393f77786bfBcfde8A35fFCab2C7eC3BC68c3 }
discord : Leoprasetyo#6879

for the testnet process that I did initially there was an error because I had not entered the RPC according to the instructions in the Alex Labs Email, after I followed the email and used Hiro Wallet I finally went through the bridge process smoothly without any problems, it’s just the bridge process is quite long, this might be a bit problems that can be fixed in the future, overall is quite good. I fully support this project and am very interested in further developments :))