Feedback alexbridge testnet

After trying the Bridge testnet feature, I didn’t experience any problems, everything felt so smooth and secure. it’s just that the unwrap process feels a bit long, maybe because of network congestion.

thank you to the whole team who have worked hard, hopefully in the future it will be even better.

Stx address alex testnet : ST3M4P8R2PVJVHN5SDW6GKFRW4D096HCR8AWDTA1N

Sepolia address testnet : 0x7f7cF5cdC5Ef913fA0066225a97F23B776d5821A

Id discord : zelia#6447
Telegram : @rezaarga
Twitter : @oxozha
Email :

The good things is, while bridging you already have a time frame of when your transaction will be successful, it won’t go beyond that time frame or can even be below that time frame.

Stacks address: {ST3S2EX4YEPZVNRWA1HPQT73N12GSSY2RB78Y0611}