FEEDBACK ALL CATEGORY ( Swap, pool + liquidity, stake, farm, bridge to eth) by TIRZA VALENTINA

I’ve been trying to find bugs or other issues on the website but the team is making it hard to find
the website is normal and the transaction process is really fast
the advice that I might convey is
a. Swap
no problem, there is also a fee option, in the future add more coins to this feature

b. pool + liquidity
Slippage Tolerance 4% good for investors
fine and no problem

c. stake
its good because it will automatically harvest and re-stake the ALEX reward from ALEX staking to maximize
this will grow in the future because there are 6 cycles in the future

d. farm
this section is also interesting because investors can choose their own time
from the fastest to the longest there are 32 cycles with different income

e. bridge to eth
This is being tested for bugs
I have tried and the results are good, no bugs or delays were found, the process was smooth and there were no problems
low fees and 3-5 minutes process, very good for investors who like to switch networks

Stacks address:{STCK1SQ1XK0KE4ZVHYQ07EE0HZ9Z6MX137HR37VZ}
Sepolia address:{0x3efeab4cf8b0bed22e0ab70bcc03fce309cf5f1a}
Discord: Tirza13#5527