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Overall this bridge feature is very easy and smooth when used, the UI/UX appearance is very attractive to users and it is also very easy to use for beginners who have just tried it, it’s just that when wrapping it has to take a long time even though we use a high fee on the transaction.

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(sorry I can’t display photos directly, because I was detected as a new user by gov alexlab, and can only display 1 photo so I converted it to the imgBB link)

and apart from that I also tried other features available at , for features outside the bridge as I show in the photo above, transactions are very fast and easy when we use normal or high fees, in this feature we do not need to spend a long time.

there is a bug or maybe a feature that hasn’t been added by the team that I found in the bell logo, namely there is no transaction notification for the bridge feature maybe it can be added in the future, and also when the transaction is complete it might pop up a pop up “transaction done” complete" and also the explorer link to view detailed transactions when the transaction is complete

Goodjob for team!


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