Feedback and a little Bugs of Alex Testnet Bridge

I want to provide feedback on the testnet that I have done, in this case, the bridge from the stacks chain (hiro wallet) to sepolia (metamask), actually there were no problems with this transaction, the transaction went well and fast.
But I found an irregularity when I confirmed to bridge this transaction, the pop up that appeared at that time was a transaction error, but when I checked below the transaction didn’t fail but instead succeeded, so I think there needs to be a little improvement in this matter.
For ui/ux in my opinion it’s very good and very interactive, if I can give a suggestion I want when I make a transaction there will be a pop up that appears moving so it doesn’t make me feel bored in waiting for the transaction to complete.
Stacks address:{ST39JN71DNVWFYWF87DXY92XK1F86NG3PN31W7DYX}