Feedback and Bug Report

I have tried the testnet application which is already usable.

Feedback and some bug reports from me :

Starting from the application design, the selection of colors, fonts, and also the feature buttons overall is good. I didn’t find any lag or error when opening and/or switch from one feature to another. The selection of fonts and colors is appropriate, can be read clearly, an attractive application design is not easy to get bored, that’s good, but I think the current app design can be upgraded to be better in the future.

Then from the UI $ UX side, the experience that the testnet application provides for me personally is not yet satisfactory, there are still some bugs and errors such as the orderbook that not working, ‘trades’ feature that does not display actual information, feature ‘my trades’ which doesn’t show anything even though I’ve made several trades, ‘last price’ which is stuck at that number only, unchanging 24-hour change shows only the number 0%, chart not working properly. These are the things that make the testnet application for now still arguably unsatisfactory. However, that is precisely the reason why the testnet is held as it is today.

I hope this application will get better in the future, without any bugs, lags, errors, and so on.

So much from me, thanks!

Discord : Yupz#6284

Stacks address: {ST1S4FV9E0DBJ2NACQTZ14W8ARVTZ109RX8CJDCV1}

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Can you provide a screenshot that matches your issues?