Feedback and Bug Testnet Alexbridge

Feedback :
I’ve tried all the features on alexlab, especially the bridge, it worked fine, it just took a long time, but it doesn’t matter alex is cool!

And my advice is from my experience trying the testnet, When exploring Clubs that have been made by previous users, I found that there are still many clubs that don’t have avatars. As simple as it is, for me avatar is part of identity. I can’t take their club seriously if they don’t take theirs seriously either. Therefore, in order to motivate users to be more serious, I suggest an avatar as one of the mandatory requirements for creating a club.

Bug :

I installed xverse wallet and hiro in my extension, when i try to connect the wallet, there is no option there they open two wallets at once, this should not happen and it would be nice to do wallet selection so that it doesn’t happen to open two wallets at once before user will be able access to alexbridge.

can’t send two files, I can assure everyone who has Xverse wallet and Hiro wallet in their extension will experience the same thing as me. Thank you, Alexlab Foundation. Full of love Derana :slight_smile:

Stacks Testnet Wallet : ST2726T99PTJNSRE0CPWS6EXV606AHEGE2T0FH54N
Stacks Mainnet Wallet : SP2726T99PTJNSRE0CPWS6EXV606AHEGE2TDAZW4T