Feedback and bugs about bridge

I will give feedback about Stacks Bridge.
First, the UI/UX of the website is very good with classy dark colors, all features are simple and easy for everyone to understand.
But many things need to be improved.
The bridge experience here, is not pleasant because the bridge time is too long, I bridge XUSD to USDC it takes almost 24 hours, this is too long time.
Then there was a problem in the transaction history, the first time I bridged 1000 XUSD to goerli but in the transaction history it said 1000 XUSD to 98 USDC, the amount should have been 998 XUSD. then I did the second bridge, with the amount of 500 XUSD and in the transaction history it says 500 XUSD to 498 USDC, this is correct and normal.
Then after my bridge transaction was completed, only 598 USDC entered the goerli network. this is a mistake! where the balance of 1000 XUSD that I have bridged to goerli, 1000 XUSD is lost.
Then now, I tried to bridge 598 USDC from goerli to STACKS but in the transaction history there is nothing, as if I didn’t do it, this feature needs to be fixed.
This needs the attention of the team.
may be useful!

Metamask address : 0x07f813fC9154b153d4C9b0cc41f858c1bf3e98D6