Feedback and Bugs Testnet Alex Lab

I’ve been trying ALEX Bridge feature on Testnet website (Connect Wallet Stacks Chain (alextest) and Metamask (Sepolia ERC-20), Bridge sUSDT from Stacks Chain to Sepolia ERC20 also from Sepolia ERC20 to Stack Chain and Wrapping - Unwrapping Processing (sUSDT-Wrapping-USDT).
Overall, its working properly, smooth and I like User Interface and User Experience, simply and easy to use.

I’ve suggestion for Bridge it’s takes too long time to wrap/unwrap (1 hours). But it’s okay because Alexlabs Team will be improve it and hopefuly it will be fast on mainnet.

Also i found maybe I think its Bugs on below feature toggle button, Hope this can be fix for improve UI/UX on testnet experience (file attached)

Sepolia ERC20 Wallet : 0xFAD80103b8815E1eF907ba95FEE24Fc26C58835a