Feedback and done taks alex testnet

done taks sir and Great Project

Done the transactions on test net, everything working fine, website looking great and simple to use. Only thing some transactions went failed ,and bit slow as usual .


Discord: Gmaster#0289
Telegram: @KamalUmar1
Description:{ The transaction works absolutely Great and the UX looks Amazing while some transaction were a little bit slow }

Stacks address : ST1D6DF8TY151PJAFFZARPTP68NY9N31NZ2BANK85

Description : the transaction is normal and smooth, but sometimes the balance it’s not showing and the transaction failed too, i think it’s bug from network and ui, hope this problem can be fixed before mainet, website is too slow, many pending transaction and the ui/ux isn’t responsive, sometimes i got bug like can’t click button or my balance is not showing

Stacks address: {ST3TQH1P0ZNSJYJVP6KRR34PB0E3F2TA0H27T8YGE}

Everything went fine ,transactions bit slow, some times transactions get failed .




Evm address


There were no bugs or problems during testing, it’s just that I complained about the bridge process taking so long I hope the team can find a solution how to speed up the bridge process

Thank You

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