Feedback and information about the errors I encountered

•When I make a transaction using the Bridge feature, I make a transaction bridging usdt from the stackshain network to sepolia.
When I confirmed the transaction in Hiro’s wallet, they told me that the transaction failed, but on the ALEX testnet web the transaction entered and ran smoothly until the transaction was confirmed.

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The bridge feature of the Alex labs platform is very fast. I compared with other platforms and networks that I have used. This platform provides a feature of bridging the Stacks network to the Ethereum network and does not take a very long time, it only takes 10-30 minutes for the transaction to complete. Compared to other platforms and networks, the example I’ve used is the bridge feature, namely starknet, it takes me 24 hours + to bridge ethereum to starknet, and I hope that in the future maybe Alex lab can become one of the fastest bridge places and available for all networks, Wowwww.

• For all available features I have tried all of them, all goes well, there are some unfinished transactions I have to wait a few minutes for transactions to complete.

• For a responsive web dashboard, it’s very stable and smooth, I’m using an Android with a desktop version but the responsiveness of the web remains stable and the display structure is neat, good.

UI/UX Suggestions:

  1. Make the navigation bar more prominent and easily accessible so users can quickly find the information they are looking for.
  2. Add more visuals and illustrations to explain the concepts and features of the platform to make the content more engaging and easier to understand.
  3. Reduce the amount of text on each page to avoid overwhelming the user and make the content easier to digest.
  4. Use more contrasting colors to make the page more visually appealing and to highlight important elements.
  5. Add more interactive elements, such as hover states and animations, to make the page more engaging and dynamic.

Wallet address used for testnet:
*Stacks chain : ST2E7X2HFT9Y9NYSME88QPCR46R1YSPG7QCR53SS2

*Sepolia : 0x93d2C526F0eB3732FB54ed5B2452dC864a51b451