Feedback and opinions

Thank you for the opportunity to test this network, after I tried the features on this website I would like to convey a few things:

pushpin This network connection is very easy and there are no problems.
pushpin The deposit process takes a long time according to the statement on the medium, but after the deposit comes in there is no automatic balance change so you have to refresh the page.
pushpin The first swap process from STX/xUSD went smoothly but I can’t buy at a higher price, for example the lowest market price is 0.506 I can’t buy at 0.507 with the words “price range error”, pls fix this problem.
pushpin every time I have bought another token with xUSD and the order has been realized I always have to refresh the page to see the new balance.
pushpin Withdraw process runs smoothly and without any problems.
pushpin the swap menu is very interesting and simple, there are not too many unnecessary icons, when I try to swap STX/ALEX or ALEX/STX there are no problems, but after every transaction confirmation it says “Transaction broadcasted” and after that there is no more success or no, and the transaction only takes 2-3 minutes before the balance changes.
pushpin in the swap menu should you add a percent menu worth 25%, 50% or 75%, it seems that it makes it easier for users not to type manually.

Overall this website the best sir

stacks address : {ST3FS1SG3273YCMS0G58B0JX0Y1EZQ8JPCA8D0RC8}


You can not place a limit order with a price higher than the market price.

we will fix this issue thanks for your feedback

should be able to, sir, because the execution is slow at the lowest price

Discord : xlimust#3886