Feedback and suggestion bridge testnet

First of all, I congratulate the team who worked hard so that this testnet can be launched. Second, I am very happy to participate in this testnet and am very grateful to be able to take part in it.After I tried everything following the instructions and the existing guild I didn’t find any problems, everything went smoothly I didn’t make 1 transaction or two transactions I did I have attached a lot of transactions with screenshots, I hope the team will see it, I tried it via cellphone and PC and everything went smoothly without a hitch, there were no problems, even though there were a lot of transactions, everything is smooth and transactions are so fast , for UI / UX it is very different from the others , in the future good luck and big for the Alex Lab Foundation. I will continue to try the testnet until it’s finished.

Address : ST2W9GT7S986Y96VFFY0X6S09619EBD57H5SG4EH8

Eth Address : 0x0000046b4EDEb007123E0db9Bc4D04247b9aDc4A