Feedback and Suggestions on Alex Brdge


The testnet features work very well, really enjoyed the launch simulation as far as all the features work and I have tried it. For the Bridge everything is smooth but takes 30 minutes - 1 hour.

  • Bridge sUSDT Stacks to USDT Sopolia (1 Hour)
  • Bridge USDT Spolia to sUSDT Stacks (25 Minutes)
  • Bridge sUSDT Stacks to USDT Spoila ( 37 Minutes)
  • Bridge USDT Spoila to sUSDT Stacks ( 19 minutes)

I tried it many times and it took different bridges. I think this is too long, maybe this is due to high traffic so it takes a long time. So make sure when you mainnet later AlexBridge uses the best hosting provider♥️


I suggest adding day and night light mode, because people have their own convenience, and add other features.


ThanksTeam :pray:
I LOVE ALEX BRIDGE​:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thanks to the AlexBrdge team for receiving my feedback and suggestions

great feedback, keep support alex!

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