Feedback Bridge and All Features

if you (read this) when registered use Xverse Wallet and stay to use it when bridge…
please change into Hiro Wallet…
cause in the Xverse Wallet fee not be reading and thats why cannot to bridge each other…

for feedback
everythings do as well

  • Smooth UI
  • Fast really fast (use Hiro Wallet )
  • user friendly
    i dont have an issue when use all featured (Swap,staking,LP,and BRIDGE

wallet : Stack (HIRO wallet ) = ST3C25ZKP5KGTV2N3QB3NN3T0K22RTMRVSGWSPVYV
metamask : 0x157Ca86F7F1f46B197c5855a1bD3f0D1B5E881EE
discord : jack beben#6191