Feedback bridge testnet and feature

As seen I’ve used the Alex Bridge feature with a few tries,
This is a new breakthrough in bridges with low fees, of course the implementation time is also not relatively fast, but let’s not look at that, the main purpose of this Alex Bridge is the development of a chain with a base other than EVM, a bridge that all users can use to interact with STX tokens
I use the Alex Bridge testnet with standard fees, and relatively standard time
The results are excellent, and there is no need to apply for additional fees to be faster

Metamask: 0xea26779a8b23f54f060df675cf380273f38a15fb

On the testnet Alex Bridge experiment 4 I experienced a little strangeness in the display, even I called it an error
There is a yellow writing “Something went wrong” on the process of wrapping the sepolia network to the stack chain
after checking my balance, it turns out that the sUSDT token does not enter the stack chain with a statement that my sepolia balance has been deducted
Is this a technical error?