Feedback, Bugs testnet bridge

Finally received a letter about access to the site.

What was tested:

  1. Guide test

  2. Exchange

  3. Clickability and usability of the site

  4. Guide test
    Everything is clearly arranged. The guide test didn’t take much time. Most of the time was spent on the transaction. Unfortunately, I could not measure the time spent on the transaction, but I was on the site for 1 hour, during which time the transaction did not pass. I can already see that it was successful.

  5. Swap
    Most of my transactions were successful, there were some problems with the balance display. Screenshots attached. A few transactions failed, this is not critical. Transaction speed is fast, gas is cheap.

  6. Clickability and usability of the site
    Went to each page to understand how the site works and responsiveness. Pages load quickly, functionality is clear, navigating the site is easy and straightforward.
    There was one bug, when I clicked on “Orderbook” an error appeared (screenshot attached). Without this information, it is difficult, especially when you have multiple transactions to keep track of.

Feedback: Overall, I liked the site in terms of convenience, speed, usability, responsiveness. Thanks for the access, this is just the beginning and I wish the team a lot of success. This project is very promising. I would like to use Pool, Stake and Farm in the next phase. So this is not the last review on this site, I will continue to use and develop in this project. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day everyone.

P.S. The site does not allow multiple media files, I leave one, with an orderbook error.