Feedback for ALEX TESTNET

For my overall experience and assessment of this website:

  1. This website is good but needs a lot of improvement to make it Perfect to use and easy to use.
  2. Transactions on the stacks network are very long and time consuming, maybe in the future it can be better and faster than now.
  3. Simple and classy UI/UX, easy to understand and easy to use for beginners. I always appreciate the hard work of the ALEX team to build such a successful and very valuable project, I wish all endeavors well and successful.
  4. I have completed deposit, swap, buy, sell, withdraw and stake.
    everything runs normally even though there are many obstacles when doing the experiment until it succeeds.

Mainnet address : {SP1DWBP0EDQQ198Y1N2ARZQFMNYKBZEJ21T8182VN}

device : Android 10

Thanks for your feedback

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