Feedback for Bridge Features

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Have been tested the bridge platform on , it was amazing experiences with no failure tx on my end. The UI/UX is awesome i like how the dev team giving us such a great User Interface and animations on it, and the details on tx progress layout is pretty cool. But i had some feedback for the UI.

  1. Kindly add animation below on going transactions which is still on progress/pending tx state so user will easily understand if there the fund still not receive on other chain because it’s still on progress. On my experience, after step one succeded on the next step there is a delay progress details informations, maybe it will be beter if there all 3 step has informations below it at the same time. ex: step 1 on going, step 2 pending, step 3 pending → step 1 succeded, step 2 on going, step 3 pending. and so on

  2. Adding pop up progress on top right corner on every succeded progress, this is important to make user easy to track with an updated progress instead of refreshing page or scrolling down the page.

Bug Report:
1.Order History page is slow on update the order data, sometimes its need to refresh page to get the latest tx show up on history page.



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