Feedback for Interface and Experience ALEX LAB

I just used ALEX Lab Testnet to try to bridge some USD from stack chain to sepolia chain, and I’m really impressed with how easy to use the bridge feature! The interface was user-friendly and intuitive, and the transaction fees were very reasonable.

Some of the information I need such as bridge route and order history has been provided by Alex Lab and It’s great to see ALEX Lab providing a safe and secure way to trade crypto assets. I’ll definitely be using DEXswap again for my future transactions!

I had 2 suggestions for ALEX Lab

  1. Filter Features on Order History
    I think It will be better if provide a filter on order history to track and find some transactions users needed.
  2. Transaction Speed
    Transfer speed needs to be upgraded because so far bridging from the stack chain to sepolia chain requires a lot of time and this might have a big impact when it is on the mainnet. Please consider this suggestion for ALEX LAB growth

Stack Address: {STMXMCME17E43K7E8H648QQVBQAE26P3ZHC2H5V3}