Feedback for My Alex Bridge Test

First of all, thanks for giving me a chance to use the Alex Bridge testnet. It’s such a great experience.

I have used Alex Bridge and haven’t found any bugs related to smart contracts, errors on swapping, etc. I can say that Alex’s Bridge works really well.

Compared to the previous Alex Bridge app, this latest app and platform are faster and have a great interface, which includes color choice and design. I also noticed that Alex Bridge has another improvement over the previous one.

The thing that I like about this Alex Bridge is the fact that you give a red color to the balance when it isn’t enough. It’s such a good notification—small but impactful.

The thing that you could improve is:

  1. You could set amount of max money that user want to swap. Because when user has $1000000000 and wants to wrap to another chain, the template and layout will change, and it will affect the switch button that is located in the center.

  2. You can try to increase the zero after coma ( for now the minimum is 0.0000 and can’t add thefifth digit) if Alex decide to do bridge with the other token beside usdt on the future.

That’s all my feedback, I really love alex bridge sir. Hope Alexlab will grow bigger on the future. Thank you.