Feedback for swap transactions

Descriptions:Swap is one of features that you offerings to users in testnet phase. Also it will be implemented in mainnet. So i could say this features so important to prevent from any bug and error.
According about this i’ve some feedback for improvement. My report is i did transaction in STX/Alex pairs by using swap features. However this process need to wait for long time to executed. Also there is an bug while this process is happens. The issue is that my balance is not appear properly.
After transaction is executed platform back to normal.

for detail you could see the image.

tx hash: Function call - Stacks Explorer by Hiro

Discord ID: SLASH#4851
Telegram ID: @Kusumawin

Stacks address:

Discord: Sukolee#1922
Telegram: @olasktim

History of my transactions takes too much time before displaying. Pls work on it so we can have a prompt transaction history.

This is for the ALEX Orderbook test only, swap, staking and yield farming features are LIVE now on main net.

Thanks for your feedback.