Feedback improvement on ALEX TESTNET

UI/UX Interface should include the amount in percentage you will like to add when trying to swap, add liquidity or bridge I.e the “10%, 25% , 50%, 75% etc…

Stack testnet address{STPMBM8V80FV9DVT0TKMVRRT34991GCF811KJF0X}
Stack mainnet address{STPMBM8V80FV9DVT0TKMVRRT34991GCF811KJF0X}

When a transaction is successful there supposed to be a pop up text that the transaction is successful or failed.

It takes much time for the system to push out the metamask wallet app so as to sign a transaction.

Initially the first day of my trial was really hard because my wallet connection literally failed, i couldn’t do anything that do due to my wallet not being able to connect but things are already getting easier now.

Stacks address:

Discord ID: Imagodei#8536

In my opinion, all functions are running smoothly, but in my opinion the execution is not fast enough, having to wait 10 to 30 minutes is too long in my opinion, if you can speed it up again, thank you

STX adres

Metamask adres