Feedback maztman brigde alex

Thank you for giving us the opportunity as a tester, I quite enjoyed and excited to try this product until now. I will continue to support the team to make this protocol product one of the best. I hope this project will be even better when the mainnet arrives and hopefully it will become a promising project when the mainnet arrives.

My discord id : Jancok083#0739

Stacks address testnet : ST21WW2MYVXMBSTY9C3437PRCYNTAZX7N1TVCXPHD

Stacks address mainet : SP21WW2MYVXMBSTY9C3437PRCYNTAZX7N1S6ZGEH7

Sepolia eth address/Metamask address : 0x74956C41d5cE3911DfeaEA2c397b81701b6645fF